Thursday, 23 February 2017


And so Strom Doris finally hit. That meant even asking J for lift to TS.

Busy day ensued with something closing today which I've been working on since August of last year. Should be good.

Had 50 minutes at lunch and with Doris blowing I opted for the sanctuary of the gym and the treadmill. But after 10 minutes I was screaming with boredom and so spontaneously ramped up to 3.30s for 10k in 4.02s. God I hate treadmills.

Was meant to be meeting J and JJ for drinks but a last minute speed bump (on the thing I was working on) came from no where and so derailed that hope.

Body just about ok. The groin area on both sides is tight and a little uncomfortable but have locked in 60 minutes with the mairacle worker Mark P in the morning.

Nothing else to report but did sell some shares as we are short on cash. The ongoing size of the family Agnew balance sheet is only growing and heavily in the wrong direction. The cost to run a family of 6 is completely out of control and seriously do not know how some families survive. It really is quite scary. Am noticing too that on the odd occasion we go out for dinner that the bill is racking up. Reckon I'd be totally minted if it were just me or even J and me. Now there's a thought.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Wacky Wednesday

Work crazy busy today and so just the 2k in the AM + 8k slow at lunch visiting the London Marathon store and 6k in late evening.

Nothing more to add. Storm coming overnight and weather not looking great for the Brighton Half along the seafront.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

4 by 10s with 2 minutes recovery

AM - absolutely knackered and ran the 2k to the TS

Lunch - 4 by 10. Still abaolsutely knackered but told myself just to start and ease my self into it - not sure on exact averages but roughly:


15k with warm ups and downs and one of those when you feel better post vs pre. Not easy doing solo or enjoyable for that matter.

PM - 4K TS running

* replaced my F235 today because the HR readings were shite and the battery even worse.
* after this week there are only 6 weeks of proper training left. Seriously not sure why I do this as puts way too much strain on every day life and have had zero to show for it over the time spent in London.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Fire in the belly

I've been lacking this of late. Gave the speech to the boys last night that they need to find this. My childhood hero Ian Wright had this in droves mostly due to his tough South London upbringing. I gave the boys that speech too that they have no idea how lucky they are. Not sure it worked.

Anyhow jogged 2k to the TS in the morning and then a slow 10k at lunch over 5s. The train situation meant I had to run to the Elephant and then home from BS. 18 for the day.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sunday slog (125k for the week)

Up early again to meet Messi at the top of the hill and just followed him towards Knockholt and back. We were both shattered which left no room for conversation on the way back.

28ks in 4.42s and a whopping 60 for the weekend.

Watched Jack win their London Cup game coming from behind before heading back out to the skate park.

Still do not seee any noticeable fitness improvement. Hoping it will start coming. Right foot sore again but hammy now fine. Next week is all about getting ready for Sunday.

Saturday suffer - 31k in 4.07s: 9WU + 2 x (3T + 1F + 1T) + 4F + PR muddy + 4WD

Out of bed to make most of my only window. Had planned to meet Messi but in the park this time as I tried to get some extras under my belt. He had three x 5k on the cards at 3.30s. Too quick for me so just stuck with him for 3 floating 1 back the other way and then another 3.30ish k rejoining him for his last. Did that two times with some added float inbetween.  Messi was running strong with high cadence and welcomed Daniel's intervention for some of the float before he ran a very solid PR.

Wanting to keep it continuous I kept the float going just in time to get to the PR start line. My legs were super heavy at that point but managed to hold a 3.45 average with the 2nd and 4th always 10s slower whilst slipping in the mud.

4k warm down and smashed. No rest as straight out again to the skate park with the boys.

The weather was again spectacular today after all the snow and rain with the boys skating in their Tees. For the first time since Aus I only ran with 2 layers.

Watched Morris from America (similar to Hunt for the Wilderpeople) whilst J was out with Melissa from Manly.

Props to Laura Muir who broke Kelly Holmes' British 1k record and within a second of breaking the WR.

Friday, 17 February 2017

8 800s with 75s rest

Started well with first few sub 2.40 but then a mixture of hammy tightening and blowing resulted in finishing with only a 2.44 average for 8 completed. Not that great but the last one was 2.34. Hammy is troublesome.

Great running conditions today with finally the weather being a little warmer, no wind and the sun shining. London on these days is glorious.

In 2 minds what to tackle this weekend.