Monday, 19 September 2016


Rest. Not feeling well.

Missed Palace demolish Stoke. Mia went with T instead. Palace 4 Stoke 1. We've beaten them 5 games straight after the treble last year.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Friday night footie

Smashed myself today. Rode in with B in the pouring rain. 20k and soaked to the bone.

As we leave so early I get to work with plenty of time to spare and so smashed myself some more in the gym. 

Lunch: decided to jog but then got bored on the dreaded treadmill and upped each by 10 seconds finishing with 3.50s. 10 kms.

Rode home with heavy rucksack but thankfully the rain held off but the black boy on his scooter did almost kill me in Sydenham. Another 20 odd ks and 50 again for the day.

But today was all about Friday night footie. In Aus it is an institution and used to love watching the Manly Sea Eagles on a Friday night. Incredibly the Premiership has never done it!  Liverpool were simply outstanding and we all screamed when Hendersen scored that amazing second.  Unbelievable.

Fallen back in love with Friday nights. Would not swap for anything and even pretended I was upset when Jacqui announced she was going out on the town with her mates :)

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Up early to ride with B into work. Great company as always on a balmy hot Indian summers day. Stopped to take pix at London Bridge. 20 odd Kms done.

I had time before my first meetings and so did 45mins of core and strength in the work gym which I am really enjoying. It's been 4 months now and am beginning to get back to my old self.

At lunch I had a 50 min window and ran 12 kms on my usual route but added a loop around Westminster. It was super hot but running in my flats I felt strong.

Busy arvo and then rode the 20kms home which left me with a very solid 50ks for the day.  Even managed dinner with the entire Fam at 8pm. Happy days.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Great sleep but out early again for my regular Rijksmuseum and Vondelpark loop.  Another stunning morning. I was really feeling Amsterdam this morning witnessing the droves of cyclist on their way to work, school, you name it. Everyone was cheery and it was noticeable how many families were cycling together. And of course none in helmets.

13 odd ks in 75 mins and as pleasant as can be. I could really live in this place and the air quality is a zillion times better than London. If we ever do move back to Aus I will really miss these trips.

Tired this afternoon and now back in London.


Out early after a horrendous nights sleep in sultry conditions. One of the hottest September nights on record and the hotel had no air con!

Ran the loop I usually do but then continued on the valley floor. It was slow but done on a beaut of a morning and felt a million times better after I had finished. 13.2ks in 75 minutes stopping to take the odd photo.

Then it was the all day board meeting before racing back to airport for flight to Amsterdam and dinner with the team there.

Again a nice evening spent at the Envy on Pinsengracht just down from the Pulitzer. The fish was amazing as well as the raw tuna and more wine again.

For the first time ever and after more than 10 times of trying I got a canal view room in the now fully refurbished Pulitzer. It is a gem of a hotel. My favourite with the Soho Grand and is a real pleasure and promised myself to take the family one day.