Tuesday, 6 December 2016

City airport

Was meant to be in Lux for a 10am meeting but all flights were cancelled due to the fog so asked to be escorted back out of airport and cabbed it back home. It took me longer to get home in cab than if I had flown to Luxembourg and taken cab from the other side to the office!

Jogged 8k at lunch after accupuncture in Bromley. It definitely helped but f'ck me the right Achilles is sore.

Tomorrow will try and get to Lux again for board meetins followed by flight to Amsterdam in the evening. Will make it a super long day and no opportunity for run unless I sneak in 5k before dinner.

Early run in

Up super early to fit in the run in before all day board meeting at our offices. Right Achilles still sore.

Work is manic and so could not get out for my 6pm Accupuncture appointment. I desperately need some and will need to wait until Friday now.

Jogged 3k home from TS. 20ish ks for the day.

Home alone and Ryder game - frosty!

Just Ryder, Jack and I home today with no car so we cycled to Ryder's game which they won 7-1. That team is on fire. Ryder also massively improving and surprisingly is loving his football. I was unsure.

I jogged there and back and did another loop on way home and jogged laps watching. The only way to fit it in. 18k done and 103 for the week.

Right Achilles not very good.

Park Run (10k + 5k tempo)

Met Messi at 810 to jog down to the park where we had preplanned the 10k tempo which we hit averaging 3.45s. Felt ok this morning with the last 1.5k a bit of a struggle. 10k done in 37.20 (3.44s). We then jogged immediately to the start of Park Run where there were 600 runners waiting. We jumped straight back into the same rhythm and ran the 5k in 3.45s.

23k all up and a decent session. Big thanks to the 2.37 man.

Clowned around with the boys for the rest of the day.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Thursday, 1 December 2016


Upset stomach for most of day (most likely work stresses) and back to back all day. Managed 11k in late afternoon on deadmill thinking I would stop every 2 mins. One of those where you feel 200% better afterwards. A lot on.


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Right achilles

Still sore but have been rolling which has helped. Ran 9k at lunch in 4.37s. That's it for today.

Oldie of Ryder from last year's convert :)