Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Bidart trail and afternoon double

Weather cooler today and started by running the loop outside and around the campsite. Felt great this morning with my shoulders for once not heavy and almost fluid. This gave me the impetus to attack all the hills of which there were many.

The loop completed I headed to Bidart which is an uphill slog to pick up the Bidart Beach trail which I always enjoy running with the epic views across the ocean looking south towards St Sebastian. It is up and down with each drop around 70 vertical meters.

Told myself to run all of the uphill steps working my glutes. Once back onto the top road section it's basically 4k of road home starting at the Bidart village square - ran as a tempo averaging under 4s to see me home in 4.39s for the 14k which included the 300m of vertical climbing.  Really happy with that and the best I have felt for a while now.

In the late arvo I got out again for a breezy 7k around the same circuit which goes around the campsite. 7k in 4.23s still feeling good.

Day spent lounging around the campsite though we all did visit the Quicksilver European HQ and had a wonder with my youngest checking out the neighbouring farm and a dose of table tennis.

2 hours followed by beach

2 hours first thing in the heat running loops of the campsite trying to avoid the surrounding hills. Started on 5s and then increased to 4.30s. A little tired at the end but ok. 25k in 4.44s.

Beach in the afternoon with the boys surfing followed by BBQ dinner on the deck.

Other than the beach we do not see the boys all day as they run riot on the campsite generally getting up to no good. The only time we do see them is when they are hungry - seriously I don't ever recall consuming the amount they do. It is literally out of control. I am talking packs of 10 ice creams, cookies, chips and anything else they can get their hands on.

Jack's X-ray.

Monday, 21 August 2017

12k tempo

5 hours sleep post last nights hospital episode but wanted to do the session today with it forecast to get hotter for the rest of the week. Ran in the Zoom Vaporflys and felt good for 3k and then ran out of juice.  There's no denying it I am tired. Pleasing though that despite the heat (and heck there was wind today too) and the undulating roads around the campsite I just about held it together for 12k in 44 mins (3.40s) to keep some semblance of respectability. Again nothing flash but another session done.

Got back to the cabin with J and boys eating croissants on the deck but most importantly Jack seemed ok :)

Beach then ensued with all 4 spending lots of time in the water, particularly the naughty middle double act on their boards. Crickey it's hot.

* Currently reading the Thomas Dekker autobiography 'The Descent'.  If you have not read it and you're remotely interested in cycling and it's murky doping past then this is a must read. Daniel Friebe (the now quite famous British cycling correspondent who also happens to be a friend of a friend) has dubbed it 'the most shocking doping memoir professional cycling has produced'.

Beach day

Could not get out of bed for a run and then regretted it for the rest of the day. It's either run first thing or not at all.

Took all the boards to the beach with us and spent 3 hours there before back to the campsite where the boys did there usual dose of swimming, water slides, skateboards, trampolining, table tennis and late night footie with the logical French boys.

Going to bed though desaster struck with me closing the bedroom door on Jack's three middle fingers.  He was screaming so loudly we were sure there was a break. And it continued for a good 20 minutes. Gone 11pm we decided to leave the 3 other boys here and drive to A&E in Biarritz. We waited until gone midnight with my broken French being tested again for the 2nd time in 3 days. Thankfully the X-ray showed up fine and just heavy bruising. I felt really bad for him. I am now the cause of his 2 worst accidents. The other one was the summer bobsleigh in Thredbo in the Snowy Mountains when the sleigh capsized with Jack underneath and giving his arm severe burns. Needless to say I have been tip toeing around everyone ever since.

*7k jog in late afternoon with temps well into the 30s. Running in the arvo does not work here.

Tommy cards:

Camp site - home

So Messi had 6 x (12' MP + 3' T) on the calendar and knew there was no avoiding it. I decided on loops of the Biarritz promenade followed by the hill over to the southern promenade (the main surf beach). There was no way around the hill otherwise it meant a ridiculous amount of up and downs on the main (northern) promenade.

I did not sleep well after all of yesterday's anxiety and did not feel the best. The car journey and all the driving has made my back sore. 

I settled on a 3k warm up and what felt like 4.30s was 5.30s. Not a good sign. Now it's bloody hot down here but in truth temps were as cool as can be although it is definitely more humid for sure.

I programmed the watch for 6 x 15 with no rest and launched into it struggling with the hill and generally trying to get the ks below 4s. I nearly stopped after the first 15' but told myself you'll regret it later. Reps 2- 5 were better with the average now in the low 3.50s but struggled again on the last with the 6th rep starting on that bleeding hill.

Nothing flash but done for 30ks all up in 4.12s with slow warm ups and downs included. Strava said 900m of vertical climbing but don't think that is right. Reckon more like 500m but anyway it was hilly for sure.

Post breakfast at the hotel with the family and a swim at the beach we headed over to Bidart to the campsite. Nice being back here and is probably my favourite 2 weeks of the year.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Journey south

Up early to smash the drive down to Poitiers. Made it to Calais coming off the train in exactly 2 hours post leaving our house - pretty good going. It was then the predicted 6 hours down to Poitier which we did in prob just over 5.  The roads were clear and this time no stuff ups around Rouen.

Having gotten here a little earlier than planned I escaped for a 40 min jog feeeling totally smashed (a combo of yesterday's track session and the drive down). Ran around the Futuroscope complex which people come from far and wide to see but for us just a convenient pit stop for the night.

7.5ks in well over 5s. A bit too tired for my liking at the moment and feeling drained.

Dinner at the Pizza place across the road post all the boys jumping in the pool.