Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Comp day

Knackered but 17k R2W done in 5.07s. 3.5k TS running in late evening.  3 days and 63k for the week. Thank goodness my new shoes turned up today. 65 quid in the U.K so not the usual Aus ripoff.

Hard Brexit 2 x 20 minutes

Ran to TS and warmed up on Embankment on glorious winter's day. No wind and clear blue sky.

Straight into 2 times 20 minutes during which I was ragged but another session ticked off. Overall 3.51 average so nothing flash. With 2k warm down ended up with 17ks.

6 more in the late evening running to the Elephant and then home from BS. Despite all the ks legs feel good. The Achilles is constantly on the watch list and was uncomfortable this morning but felt better strangely afterwards. I desperately need new shoes and they should arrive in the morning in time for Sunday's Canterbury 10 (miles).

Monday, 16 January 2017


Up early for run to work. 17+ ks running a host of PWs. Loving the 5min k stuff though. Hectic day followed by 3.5ks in late evening. Martin Luther King today and so NY is closed. Made the most of it by getting home to eat dinner with the Fam. A luxury.

Greyness personified and my latest juice obsesssion:

Sore Achilles (130+ for week)

Woke up to a sore Achilles so went and got some accupuncture inbetween games. Helped a tad.

12ish ks today and 132 for the week. 7 of the last 8 weeks have been 100 or more.

Took ibuprofen before I went to bed preying for the best.

15k tempo

Met Messi at 730 AM top of the hill knowing that Park Run had been cancelled due to the ice so did not bode well. After jogging a couple of laps the stretch along the athletics track was particularly icy - there was black ice everywhere.

And so we got started and just told myself to focus on 5k then 10 and then 15. Messi stopped at 7 as was struggling for grip with his flats with me faring a little better. I persevered and finished with 3.47s but Messi saying that by his watch it was a little slower albeit tempered by the crap conditions. We had to constantly break our stride on that back straight.

Delighted to get it done and am a lot further on then this time last year. On the warm down I bumped into Daniel who had also ran a tempo. Shortly after we regrouped with Messi for a long warm down during which the right Achilles got more and more agrivated and I think it was down to the conditions more than anything else. Half way through Messi went flying on his backside (the 2nd time for the morning, I then stacked it running up Meadway).

28k for the morning's efforts and already at > 120kms for the week. Battered and bruised.

Afternoon spent with the Fam watching Hunt for the Wilderpeople (we were all in stitches and by far and away one of the best movies I have seen in a country mile). My boys are now obsesssed with Ricky Baker. Thanks to Maori Jase for the recommendation!

Proof of my stack, fuel, grumpy guts and Ricki Baker:

Friday, 13 January 2017


Really icy underfoot after everything froze over night.

AM - 3k jog to TS
Lunch - 7ish ks on the deadmill
PM - 3k home

Tomorrow have the 15k tempo planned with Messi and feeling really fatigued with >90k under the belt this week already. Will just need to cling on.

Boys clowning around pre school. They had taken trucks off of their skateboards and were doing their own version of ice skating on the frozen lawn.

Yasso 800ms

Up early to get this done and warmed up running to TS but then cooled down again whilst on train but by the time I got off I had lost patience and jumped straight into my Yasso 800s along the Embankment. Works out you can do 2 sets between Blackfriars and the HOP. Started sluggish not surprisingly running just under 3 but then evened out to around 2.50s jogging inbetween for the same time period. Not great today but done ahead of the looming snow storm. They reckon that doing 10 of these is a true indication of your predicted marathon time. I reckon that's about right too. I did 8.

Lunch - strength with Mark P who got me trying to sort my hips out. He is a legend and is also eyeing London. On that London will be my #1 this year. Berlin will just be a bonus.

PM - jumped out of the office early to avoid the crazy London crush. By the time I got out at Bromley South it was snowing hard. I have skied at more than 3,000ms the last 2 years but fcuk me was it cold. My glasses were completely frozen by the time I got home in thick snow.

About 17 for the day. Body holding up.