Monday, 22 August 2016

Espagne - San Sebastian

Raining this morning so just chilled. Given bad weather we decided to hit the Semana Grande festival in San Seb. After last year we could not miss. Insanely good as always with the entire city on the streets young and old eating and drinking on the medieval streets. This is where the running of the Bulls actually started and predates that with nutters running around with masks on whacking people over the head with balloons. This year tho there were  no sword challenges with the locals. 

But today was all about luck. This morning I started thinking that La Liga would be beginning soon and that we must be around for a home match so I googled their club shop. Whilst there I asked the young chicka whether there were any games on. 'Tomorrow' she said with a grin. Who they playing? 'Real' she said with an even bigger smile to which I replied 'what Real Real?'. 

Before she had finished explaining how to get to the stadium Lukie and I were off to buy the tickets to beat the sell out, a ticket mission. It turned out to be an utter fluke as got to the stadium and managed to get the last 6 tickets together. 

Drove back across the border to France at around midnight and the traffic was heavy! No run today no time.

Saintes - Bidart

After eating at the usual Boulangerie for brekkie we hit the remaining 3.5 hours down to Bayonne. I abolsutely love it down here. It has the amazing coastline with the Pyrenees as a backdrop. And it's the surf capital of Europe.

The traffic at Bordeaux was even just about ok and so made it here for 1pm with the boys dashing straight for the water slides. I even managed a run in the arvo. Oh yeah forgot to mention that J had banned the bike so had to run. Please to report that the left glute felt OK after warning up. 

My route was up the hill toward the supermarket roundabout and then following the coastal path over the array of beaches to the main one at Bidart before heading back along the coastal road to the camp site. Awesome scenery and 10.5ks in 60 odd minutes. But ok as the path is all over the place. Then dinner at home before the boys headed out at 10pm for the pool party whereas I had had enough by that stage. 

* Reading Chris Broadman's autobiography and cannot put it down. Here is a snippet about family life which I can relate to as well as the Boulangerie in Saintes and the Bidart coastal path:

London - Saintes

A really good drive. Cracked on and made it in 8.5 hours of driving. Actually got from Calais at midday to Saintes by 7pm. In time for dinner at our favourite restaurant in town called Le Procopio. All up a good day. 

* I did all of the driving.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Office last day

Always stressful trying to get everything done before leaving on hols.

Rode in and back and the bike is literally purring. Jason at the bike shop and the mechanic reset my gears and is now a dream with the new wheels.

A quick 30mins of strength at lunch.

Lukie on the mend. Will need to play by ear whether he'll be able to surf on Saturday.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Aus being turned to Brits and pieces

Love this article and the Brad the Lad quote:

Today not much. Rode to work and dropped my bike at the shop across the road to have my service done and the new Mavics fitted.

Then at 8 it dawned on me that had not picked it up so raced down to the shop. Thankfully after some banging on the door someone appeared. Thank goodness as otherwise it would have been the train home. Heavens forbid!

Rode home steady enjoying the free spin of the new set. 35 mins of strength at gym too.

The view going across Blackfriars this evening and boys in Brighton yesterday:

Monday, 15 August 2016

Van Niekirk

Van Niekirk take a bow. That was flipping incredible. 43.03 wow. Still in awe of Murray and Justin Rose too not to mention Matt Whitlock taking double gold in 60 minutes in the gymnastics.

Rode to work with heavy rucksack feeling good and then rode like the wind home. Getting super strong on the bike and absolutely loving the commute. Going to order my Zip 202s - cannot wait.

* 35mins gym at lunch

Sunday gold

Today was gold gold gold gold gold. Blown away by now being 2nd in the medal table. The Brits are tearing it up. Inspiring stuff.

Got out early doors to turn the legs over for my 34k circuit. A bit of strength with J then ran 6ks with our Jack. He is fit as a fiddle with all the footie he plays.

Spent the rest of the day in the garden with the Mediterranean weather.

Really looking forward to the 400m final. My man Van Niekirk is on fire. One of my favourite runners is also Laura Muir the Brit 1500m runner. She is gutsy as.

Cooked up an apple and plumb pie with all produce from the garden. Very proud of myself!