Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Top marks for effort none for form

Met Dad for a quick coffee late morning and then had 60 minutes spare so headed to the gym. Still feeling low on confidence I got a small pep talk from Mark P which helped. Set the machine on 3.45s to see how long I could last for. It wasn't pretty but hung in there for 13ks before stopping. Absolute torture on the treadmill and was soaked by the end.

Perhaps I could have gone longer but my mind started playing tricks on me by saying this won't do you any good come Sunday. Happy that I at least improved after 3 worrying weeks but still no where near where I was this time last year. Nevermind.

Messi now also struggling with the glute issue and so too Foxy. We are falling like flies. I may have a sneaky wager on Daniel being first home on Sunday morning.

Tuesday 10

Not feeling it today despite 2 easy days. Never really focussed and today simply did not have it. 4 by 10 minutes in 3.45s (lunchtime) and 4K in the late evening got me to 16k for the day. No form whatsoever. Not the best day at work or home either with stress levels high on both counts. Boy #3 is currently out of control. Watched the Rio documentary which put life into perspective. I've been critical of him as I think he could have done more for his local community in Peckham. But the more I hear about him the more I like. He lives local to me now and one of his sons plays in the same league as Lukie hence why we see him around.

The icing on the cake:

Monday, 27 March 2017


Rest day with only the jog to TS. Thought about run home but naughty boys at home put pay to that.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Gent Wevelgem

Mothers Day today on another beautiful day. That did not stop all the footie with 3 wins. I took Ryder with him playing the first half in goals but squeezed in a slow 10k beforehand. 145kms for the week.

Afternoon lounged and tuned into today's Spring classic Gent Wevelgem with Sagan blowing it again after losing out to Kwiatkowski last week. Great racing through the Belgium countryside with the dust kicking up all over the place.

Saturday, 25 March 2017


38ks this morning on tired legs (4.22 average). Thanks to Messi and Rory for the moral support on a beaut of a day. Sleep deprived this morning after work ruined my Friday night and kept me up until gone midnight with a deal signing this weekend. I often wonder what it would be like to have a normal job.

Took 3 gels to prep for race: 2x Gu + 1 Torq. Managed to digest them ok after not taking any for months. No breakfast.

At 20k ran a progressive Park Run. The first k I could not get going for (3.45) but then sped up to 3.30s. Then another 13k not really pushing it. Tired when I got home but have felt a great deal worse and felt better towards the end but that was probably just physchology.

In the afternoon we were swamped and no kidding there were 20 boys in the house.

Friday, 24 March 2017


South London lingo for a fall is 'drop' and that's what I did today on the Walworth Road. Cut left hand, right knee / hip and bruised right elbow. Literally had to pull off a forwrd roll in front of a group of black school boys waiting at the bus stop. 'Raaaaa u see that?' came the cries.

Initially there was panick as I picked myself up and checked for damage but thankfully I was fine. Other than that it was pretty uneventful. 17k in 4.48s. It's going to be a big week as already up to 100k in the first 5 days. That weather is finally turning and looking really good for the weekend.

1 month to go

So the date is coming nearer but I struggle to get excited about it as the form is still not there.

Lunch tried to tempo on the treadmill knowing that this time last year I could handle 21ks on 3.45.

Well admittedly I was tired but I pathetically pulled the pin at 4K. I have been purposely avoiding the treadmill as firmly believe that it is not a straight replacement to the real thing but I overheated badly.

So feeling guilty I ran home instead feeling tired for the initial 10k and then ran the last 7 in sub 4s with some rhythm there and the legs feeling good plus high cadence. 17k in 4.25s annd 23k for the day.

Jack played vs Norwich and Arsenal development sides today and Lukie had his music concert so a lot going on in our house.