Wednesday, 18 October 2017

What Ive been up to

3 weeks have passed since the marathon and the hammies were tight for 2 of them making me think that I may have to pass on the Kenya marathon jog thingy.

The bike commute in the last week though has helped and this last week have managed a few light runs.

Work has been busy and trying to rebalance home life after all the selfishness over the last few months.  I still think Berlin was an opportunity missed. I really should have ran under 2.40. It will have to wait.

The highlight over the last few weeks was taking Tommy to see Loyle Carner with old school friends G-man and JJ. That was really cool and he put on quite a show at the Brixton Academy. The funny thing was that Tommy got pulled out by his Rasta Maths teacher the following week who asked him (in class) where he was on Friday night? Tommy replied ‘with my old man and his mates’ - his maths teacher having seen him there!

‘I ain’t got no Ps coz I spent all my money on some old CDs....’

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