Saturday, 11 November 2017

Day 2 - Saturday with Mum

Brekkie at the infamous Egg Shop, my family’s favourite.  Mum was keen on the Staten Island ferry so we walked the 5 or so ks to the West path and down through Battery Park in the warm sunshine before taking the ferry. The Highline followed before continuing onto the Empire State Building.

By a pure fluke Stephen Wiltshire was finishing his masterpiece. Autistic but brilliant. Sharing the same birth date as me and also born in SE London, he is currently sketching the Manhattan skyline after a single 45 minute helicopter ride. I called out to the lady across the barrier who was standing next to him figuring it was a relative. It was his sister and explained to her that we share the same birthday. She said you must meet him. I felt bad that she had to interrupt him but certainly special to meet him and was the highlight of the trip.

Buzzing afterwards we then walked down Broadway to Macy’s before back to the hotel in Soho.

Great day and ditched the run again going straight out for a beer and food again in China town on Elizabeth Street.

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