Sunday, 17 September 2017

Pensive Sunday

Ribs still bloody sore and it's bloody annoying.

15k early with Messi chewing the fat on next weekend.

Mid morning - Ryder's game at Bromley FC with him going in goals second half.

Lunch - Jack home game. More violence between the ref, the other coach and players. Played the semi pro side Greenwich Borough though still won easily. Lots of the boys are now being signed up by pro clubs. Looks like Fran is being signed by Arsenal this week (he's very good). 2 will also go to Brighton at the end of the season.

The pic below is of Jack and Sin. With 4 boys of my own and having watched more kiddie's football than I care to remember this boy is hands down the best I have seen. He's had loads of trials but his quiet personality has been his Achilles heel. I really feel for him. Today again he was outstanding. Jack and him play well together and are v close! If he does not get signed by an English club I will personally pay for him to go to Schalke and have a go there. He deserves the chance.

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