Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Taper #4 - flight to Berlin

Ended up being a busy day with multiple calls back to Australia.

5pm came and went and no taxi to be seen. Finally it arrived and then stressed as we sat in the East Croydon traffic. Finally managed to make it meeting Messi at the airport, the sensible one who left his family at home. Berlin STILL has not sorted its airport (running 5 years late) and so Schoenefeld it was (the old DDR one).

It was midnight by the time we got out and then the mad scramble for a taxi with me again pulling manoeuvres to get us 6 into the one car. Also. our rubbish apartment owners had insisted that we pick up the keys pre 11pm which was never going to be possible. This meant I had to implore my cousin Nils to pick up during the day which in turn meant us having to make a detour to his house which by then was gone 1am.

Almost forgot, ran 7 k at lunch. First run of the week.

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