Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Wednesday triple

Very busy day with early morning breakfast meeting in the City followed by evening function at The Montague on the Gardens just off of Russel Square. A balmy autumn London night with everyone and anyone out and about. London heaving and what I always love about this place!

Had to squeeze it all in:

AM - 3k jog to B South for 645 fast train followed by 3k walk and back to the One Aldwich

Lunch - meeting unexpectedly fell out of my calendar so opted for 10k on treadmill (slow in 5s)

Pre dinner - 8.5k around the City through Covent Garden, the Mall, Westminster, Southbank, the wobbly bridge and back to Fleet Street for a quick shower.

Walk jog - 7k to Russell Square and back to the office to find running shoes (added some lengths of the Blackfriars long platform whilst waiting for train -  slightly mental but beats sitting there waiting)

Late PM - jog up the hill from Shortlands 2k

Fleet Street early this morning:

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