Monday, 4 September 2017

Saturday foot down

Foot down all day and relatively good journey. Somehow though we ended up heading to Paris as opposed to Rouen and it's bloody complicated. Complicated further by the fact that all the exits we needed had height restrictions which did not work for our van plus boards.

After the inevitable screaming match we ended up off the motorway literally driving along the Seine heading towards the Eiffel Tower. I was going bonkers. Thankfully at Saint Dennis we managed to get back onto the motorway to bomb it up to Calais. My hissy fit though was soon put into perspective when at Saint Dennis on the side of the motorway we drove past a full on shantytown akin to what you would see in Africa which looked like Syrian refugees. It was disturbing with the made up shacks so close to the busy motorway that if a kid slipped they would easily fall into cars travelling at 80kmh +. We live in troubled times.

* Got out for a quick 9k leg shaker pre dinner feeling good (4.19s). Pleasant evening followed by dinner at our local Thai place.

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