Sunday, 25 March 2018

21k tempo (35 all up)

Had a few drinks last night, got up late, ate no breakfast and headed straight out to meet Messi at 7.05 sharp.

Unsurprisingly, I was not in the mood but soon enough we launched into it after the usual 4k warm up direction the park. Today my breathing was for once just about ok but the legs felt heavy as we pushed through 5, 10 and 15ks as the park gradually got more busy with Saturday morning Park Run congregators.

At 21k I tho pulled the pin due to an unforeseen toilet stop (a function of my not great prep) whilst Messi soldiered on. After my emergency stop I picked him up for his last 2k stint. As we compared notes it turned out that per his watch we had a 3.43 average for the initial 21k whereas I had 3.48s. His watch clearly being better than mine!

Today’s warm down was Park Run and a little more to finish with 35k for the morning. By the end of it I had basically bonked and crawled home having been gel free today.

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