Friday, 9 March 2018

Yasso 800s

Finally a decent running day after a good nights sleep.

I summoned Dan to the Embankment mid morning for 8 x Yasso 800s with an active 400m recovery. The new cycle highway is clear of cyclists at that time and conditions were good.

Splits below (2.42 average) with a 400m recovery (2.22s). Both of us felt good today with Dan holding his own but most pleasing was the consistency.

After a quick shower I raced back to my office to eat before meeting Rachael (5 Talents charity director) for another run. Very pleasant again catching up through the royal parks on all things running, the charity and Kenya. I honestly think she can run under 3 hours in London. She has it in her!

As for Dan if he sorts out his nutrition there is no reason why he can’t run a low a 2.50. He should take a lot of confidence from today.

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