Monday, 26 March 2018


A lunch slot opened up and so ran 10k on the work treadmill actually feeling damn good (4.40s speeding up to 4.17s). No doubt I will revert back to my usual lousiness tomorrow morning. Thought about running home as well but decided against with my quads still beaten up and wanting to give the 2 x 5k a push in the morning.

We are now less than 4 weeks away from London. Ordinarily I would go big this week but that ain’t going to happen with really only Monday through to Wednesday providing running opportunities.

I am hoping (hoping!) that by running these three days plus a couple of cheeky days in KMD (plus 3 days of acclimatisation hikes) will get me to some resemblance of a good running week. That then just leaves next week as during the final 2 weeks I generally taper.  Next week it will just be the long slogs in my boots but ultimately at least 6 hours on average on my feet. Wishful thinking perhaps but still trying to convince myself that by taking the trip it’s not going to radically scupper the running.  With no alcohol or meat in the next 3 weeks I should in theory lose weight.

For the trip I’ve gotten hold of some Diamox which helps with AMS though I read a great article that said by taking it at altitude it is actually counter productive for running at sea level. The theory being that it stops the production of red blood cells which high altitude usually generates. The key with any altitude training is the initial 6 or 7 days when you get the most effect. Basically severe suffering equates to good, ie you’re producing red blood cells. And so the moral of the story is to hold off with any of the Diamox.

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