Monday, 19 March 2018

Hilly Long extended 40k

Brutally cold again this morning with the wind continuing to blow directly from the east. Conditions  were just about as bad as you can get for a long run - it felt like -10. With a layer of snow on the ground and the wind freezing any water surface it was treacherous underfoot. Messi and I had preagreed on a 4.15 average but that went quickly out of the window as Norman Park was even too slippy for an initial lap to get the ks up to nearer 40, so we ploughed on with the southerly route towards Locksbottom, Farnborough and then Knockholt. The right hander up to Knockholt Village was caked in snow and ice with the passing cars travelling at a snail’s pace barely quicker than what we were.

Knockholt Village is roughly at the 19k marker and at this point I felt decidedly rough. The legs were lethargic and in complete contrast to a few weeks back I was struggling to keep up. The gel at 20k hardly registered before we got to the Indian Restaurant (24ks) and the high point averaging 4.34s. From there it was just a case of getting it done and holding on to Messi who’s beginning to find form. Between 24k and 40k we averaged around 4.08s finishing with a 4.22 average in 2 hours 54 minutes. We had to bolt on close to my house going our separate ways at the roundabout on Wickham Way.  I was absolutely trashed when I got home and never warmed up at any stage for the entire run. Pleasing was that I felt better at 30k than I did at 20. That’s about the extent of it though. Perhaps the effort level was high given all the ks this week. Who knows. 145k for the week.

* All the boys’ footie called off.
** Thank you football gods.

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