Thursday, 1 March 2018


2 hours and more for the long 24k commute with DS. The worst part was the initial bit down to Bromley South - my hands literally froze.

Blackheath common was a white out and there were actual snow drifts to the extent that D and I had to rescue a helpless or hapless more like lady who had gotten her car stuck in one of the drifts. Daniel summoned me to give a helping hand to register our good deed for the day.

Now into Greenwich Park it got even more blizzardly (if that’s a word) and even spied a dude with his downhill skis wearing boots and all.

Back onto the river path with the easterly now on our backs it got more pleasant with D asking for nutritional advice. Holy cow, I am the last person he should be asking! Hopefully the cold made him forget it all.

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