Thursday, 4 January 2018

Day #4 - Pallafour

Ski school again but the wind and snow were both swirling aggressively right into our faces. The three elder boys braved it first thing with me waiting for the Pallafour lift to open which it duly did around 9.30.

The lift up was a test of mental strength trying to block out the cold. On the website it said temperatures well below zero with a wind chill of -30. It was a white out up top with low visibility.

The worst was standing still as the wind was moving the snow surface which meant when you looked down you thought you were moving. It’s like when the bus next to you moves and you think you’re moving as well. The upshot was that it made you feel very dizzy and sillily fell once whilst standing still.

After countless runs and after each thinking it would be my last I met the boys at 12. Jack and Lukie wanted to head home straight away but Tommy was game for another run.

Jacqui and Ryder got out later in the day with Jacqui parallel skiing nicely now. The afternoon we spent clowning around in town before dinner for Vondu in town. I slipped over falling on my right side AGAIN much to the amusement of the boys.  At dinner Jack had us all in stitches with his impression of an Australian attempting to to speak German. It was very funny.

With snow coming down in the bucket load we headed back home with the boys running and jumping in the now massive snow drifts. Skiing is not looking good for the morning. I’ve never seen so much snow and the avalanche risk is extremely high. Last year there were a number here with 4 people losing their lives. We’ll have to wait and see.

* In the late afternoon I got out for a jog to Val Claret along the road which is avalanche prone. I did brick myself looking up at the large serac overhangs. 7k dead slow. Ribs now worse than they were after the fall.

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