Monday, 29 January 2018

Hilly Long solo

The stars aligned for me with the elder boys’ games both being called off which meant I only had to be back by 10.30 to get Rydie to his game.

It’s been bugging me for some weeks now that I’ve not done a proper long run. Messi was not keen so plucked up the courage to attack my Hilly Long route around Biggin Hill solo.

With having ran easy on Friday and rested yesterday I felt bouncy and so comfortably settled on 4.30s. The first 14ks are almost entirely uphill. It’s pretty brutal. Mingling with all the bike riders on the popular route I managed to catch a few on the steeper sections. Despite the hills, I surprised myself by keeping the average below 4.30s reaching the high point at circa 14km with the average on 4.24s to then attack the final 20ks which are mostly downhill albeit with 4 or 5 nasty short and sharp hills.

I had a wobbly patch around 17k where I thought for a minute or so that I was bonking with not having eaten brekkie / gels. But managed to pull myself together and get back home for the total 33.3ks in 2 hours and 22 minutes (4.16 average) which includes 500m of vertical climbing.

Quick shower and out the door to drive Rydie to his game. Dan’s bday celebrations in the afternoon but Jacqui now sick as a dog and Mia still in hospital.

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