Monday, 8 January 2018

Day #6 - bonkers amount of snow

So we woke to be told that the Tignes authorities had imposed a curfew with no one allowed to go outside with the avalanche risk increasing yet again. Last night it snowed another meter at least and it must be 5ms in the last week now. I’ve skied a lot over the years but have never seen so much. Not even close. You can hardly see out of the ground floor windows.

Around midday the curfew was lifted with most of the 30+ people staying in our chalet heading out to wade through the new layer on the road outside, our boys messing around with the other UK boys and getting in trouble for throwing snow balls at the truck driver who was given the impossible task of clearing the road. At one point, David had to run out in front of the driver to warn him that he was heading in the direction of a parked car that was completely submerged under all the new snow. Bonkers.

It then turned into a mass snow ball fight against the chalet next to us before we headed into town to try our hand at sledging on the Pallafour.   The boys loved every second despite getting soaked to the bone and will probably never ever see so much snow again.

My concern is definitely rising re how the hell we are going to get back down the mountain on Saturday morning.  Here’s really hoping we are able to ski tomorrow too. It would be a shame if we were not able to but that’s the volatile mountains for you.

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