Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Aborted long run

Talk is cheap and told the running crew that I’d be leaving mine at 6.30 AM to run into the office and bolt on in the city to get my LR out the way on a Friday morning in the knowledge that I’d not have the time over the weekend.

Everyone decided it was too early (the sensible ones) and so set off in the pouring rain which was beyond cold. At 5k I stopped and started walking towards the train station only to turn around start running and do the same another three times over. In hindsight, I wish I had taken the train. Pig headed stupidness. I did though ditch the bolt on (17k in 5.10s).

By the time I had showered and dressed I was still shivering and knew that I was getting sick. In fact I had known since Tuesday gone but have been using every trick to ward it off.  This run in the rain was the final straw. I slept awfully last night which is also a tale tale sign for me.

With work commitments and a Friday lunch meeting in the city at the Ned (the old Midland Bank building around the corner from the BOE) I had to persevere.

Long day done and into bed early.

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