Thursday, 1 February 2018

Thursday with Messi and Dan

Another early morning call before the lads met at mine for the slog to Fleet Street. Sunny and cold, and absolutely knackered.

17k in 5.10s with Messi peeling off in Beckenham.

Bumped into Mark P in the morning and on a whim asked him if he had a free slot which thankfully he did as my back is troubling me. ‘Ah sore hips’ he said straight away, no shit!

Lunch - strength and release with Mark P. His philosophy is all about ‘creating space in the hips’.

Next on the cards will be something v light tomorrow - may even jog with Jacqui if she’s well enough - with a Saturday session planned with Messi for one of his specials: 3WU+4x2T+10E+5MP+3CD.

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