Saturday, 24 February 2018

Messi Super Saturday

Yesterday I finally committed to racing London. It’s been on my mind and was unsure if I had the mental willpower to give it another go. Last weekend running my Hilly Long in 4.09s was a confidence booster and just the tonic I needed.

My new motto is to train as hard as I possibly can. Leave nothing on the table. ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’.

I’ve been drilling Jack and Lucas that they need to train with the same intensity as they play games.  In other words, you have to train well to play well. I am finally going to take some of my own medicine! This does not mean that I’ll be flogging myself with 130k weeks. It’s going to be simple from hereon-in: Monday easy, Tuesday tempo, Wednesday MLR (2 hours slow), Thursday speed, Friday very easy, Saturday LR incorporating tempos like today, Sunday c.15k easy.

Today I would have liked not to have worked as hard as I did for the 15k tempo. It wasn’t entirely comfortable holding 3.45s with Messi leading the way. Anyway we got it done despite the wind. After 2 jogged ks we launched straight into Park Run with Daniel and Briony now also on board. My legs felt good and so went for it finishing 3rd in under 18 minutes (3.40s).

30k in 4.01s.

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