Saturday, 17 February 2018

Ambleside and Windermere

AM - slow jog on the shores of Derwentwater in unexpected warm and brilliant sunshine which lit up the lake with the silhouette of the surrounding peaks. Mesmerising. 10k and slow.

PM - after packing up we lunched in Ambleside at the Apple Pie again. More beef and ale pies and am beginning to look like one but oh boy are they worth it.

Final reflections of the week in the Lakes - it exceeded expectations. The dramatic landscape was better than I recalled. Keswick is also a really nice place. It has great pubs and umpteen trails to get lost on. The people are super friendly. My forefathers come from this part of the world. As my dad told, they were poor folk. My great grandfathers family moved around the lakes starting in Cockermouth, Keswick and then onto Kendal.

* The drive home was sunny the entire way but just as we reached Stoke all of a sudden a black cloud emerged. Needless to say it passed as soon as we left Stoke behind.

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