Wednesday, 30 August 2017

San Sebastian

Missed my early morning run window.  With it raining we decided on a whim to visit San Seb which is 40 mins down the road across the Spanish border.

The sun came out on arrival and ended up a beaut of a day which we spent mostly on the beach.  A school boy error on my part though as had forgotten my running shoes.  Desperate times call for desperate measures and implored J to grant me a window which included nipping off to the shops to buy me a new pair of sneakers. It was a toss up between the Zoom Pegasus's and the Nimbus (my old training shoe).  Opted for the Zooms with a 10mm drop (the same as my Zoom Vaporflys).  I just did not dig the Nimbus and €60 more expensive as well.

Basically legged it back to the beach stuck on the new Zooms and ran round the amazing city that it no doubt is. It's a real gem mainly due to the fact that there is no English riff raff.  It's mainly local Spanish and mainly old money here with it being a major trade hub back in the day. It's a foodie place too with more Michelin star restaurants per square mile than Paris (apprently).

14k in high 4s before my boardie rash got too painful.  My shower for the evening was a quick swim in the ocean before meeting the fam and Mia again.

Half of my office know San Seb well and so we always get the inside scoop where to eat and had been recommended:

1. Grandarias for Tapas and Rioja in the old town
2. Santa Lucia for Churros (dessert)

Both were very good, particularly #2. 

40 mins drive back across the border and into bed late. Top day.


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