Friday, 10 March 2017

Anne Frank

Brekkie at the Pulitzer before heading to the Anne Frank museum which I had booked weeks in advance. The last time I was here was 27 years ago whilst with the other J (Jeremy) when we were totally skint and on the last leg of our 1 month long inter rail holiday at the tender age of 16.

Pretty moving experience to be honest. In a nut shell makes you realise how lucky we are today even with all the recent crazy stuff going on. 70 years ago (a drop in the ocean) it seems unthinkable that Amsterdam was under Nazi rule. I have to say the museum does bring it home. On Tuesday night at dinner I was engrossed in a conversation with one of our Dutch directors Juurian, a large chunk was about our respective 2WW family stories.  I am obsessed with the subject and covered my German Grandfather who was in the stadium to see the historic Jesse Owens 1936 win.

Got out for a short 10k jog pre lunch feeling my knees (the booze over the last 3 days has done them no good) followed by saunter around the city and cab to the airport.

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