Saturday, 4 March 2017

Messi Mara: 4WU+4x2T+60'@4'25"/km+5T (PR)+4WD

7.10am meet with Messi for the above. Never felt great and fitness still not there yet. The only noticeable improvement is the quick recovery between sets.

For the 4 by 2s I just about held 3.30s for the initial 3 and then slacked for the 1st k of the 4th (3.38) before edging back to 3.29. Messi was about 15 meters ahead on each set.

We then jumped into the 60 minute flow averaging 4.20s before launching into Park Run.  I had completely emptied the tank by that stage persevering with no brekkie or gels (or water for that matter). Held 3.45s with the muddy sections slower and the paved ones quicker. 4K warm down for 35.2k in 4.11s. Big thanks to Messi for the session.

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