Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Lux hills

Early rise to get to City airport to meet Natalia for flight to Lux. All day meetings but managed to get an hour window pre dinner so walked to Le Royal from the office dumped the bags and threw the running shoes on. Sleep deprived with getting up at 5am and feeling crappy all day but suddenly that was lifted when I got into the fresh air. For me it's always a sign when you feel better running than not.

I was running in my old shoes but besides that I felt pretty good (this is rare) taking in the sights with the sun even temporarily appearing after a day of solid rain.

Basically ran down to the valley floor and started 6 x 600m of hills. Never really pushing myself I ended up with 15ks in 4.40s.

Mad rush then to change and get to board dinner at the Entree Par Robin du Lac. Nice place and unbelievable food. Into bed way too late and way too much red wine.

Meeting Jacquers at the Pulitzer in the Dam tomorrow and have sent the SOS that she bring my newer runners. I knew there was a reason why she should join me!

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