Monday, 6 March 2017

Monday commute

Ran in early as the usual morning call was cancelled which gave me a little more time. 17kms in 4.50s.

Lunch - stretching to try and help my sore knees. Bought more Epsom Salts to help that also.

Very fatigued at the moment and not helped with 5am start in the morning.

Already 1,000 Kms logged for the year and only now starting the 10th week. With one week of illness it is solid mileage and averaging around 120kms per week. No wonder the knees are sore.

Meanwhile. Messi was telling me about this young kid called Alex Money (#20) and ended up meeting him at Park Run on Saturday morning.  Apparently the only running he did as a kid was to run to and fro from rugby training. Then this year he ran the Liverpool marathon in 240 having ran a negative split. So what you say? Well the longest long run he did in prep for that was a mere Half. Basically post Liverpool he has dropped his Half to 1.13 and a 32ish 10k. He made us chuckle when he said he was trying to break 2.40 in London in 7 weeks. Simply astonishing. He does not even look much like a runner and god only knows what he will run when he actually starts training. Reckon he is low 2.20 material. Ridiculous.

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